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Description and the matters needing attention
Published:1/20/2015 4:24:59 PM
Hishop has been in the China National Bureau of copyrights soft take the No. 57572nd, registration number: 2006SR09906, copyright law and international treaties. Please be sure to carefully read "all the contents and terms in the Hishop software license agreement", all the contents in the confirmation fully understand, acceptand agree that this agreement after the purchase or use of this software. Technical support services to indicatethe scope and price list shall prevail, does not provide the above provisions support beyond or manner oftechnology. Technical support for the official standard version, modify or the use of non original Hishop codeafter the possible problems which are not in the scope of services. Each type of service once determined, which can not be changed。 Unless other authorized, all types are not capable of removing the footer。 Unless otherauthorized, all types are not capable of removing the footer. Commercial users have no right to get the service qualification for rent, sell or transfer
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